“A Deadly Clash Between Everything That America Could Be... And The Reality Of Our Times...”
After 9/11, Michael Mayer left his family behind and enlisted to fight the War on Terror in Iraq and Afghanistan as a Special Forces operative for the United States Intelligence Agencies. Ten years later he is living a life of solitude, learning to overcome the demons that came to haunt his mind during those terrible wars, when he is summoned home to bury his younger brother who has tragically died under bizarre circumstances. During his somber reunion with his wife, family, and friends, he quickly learns that his brother, along with their best friend, had invented a revolutionary device that converts the elements found in ordinary water into fuel that powers cars–and it has been stolen! They soon discover security surveillance footage of the men responsible for his brother’s death and Michael calls in a favor to a former colleague at the CIA to find out their identities when the situation turns into a matter of National Security. Michael, along with those closest to him, are thrust back into the life he’s been trying so hard to leave behind when he’s offered the deal of a lifetime...
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